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The maintenance upkeep had been a real financial millstone around my neck for well over a decade. Getting the gear from my car, I laid most of the stuff on the sidewalk, then walked across the green lawn fresh with dew. "Do you think I would let my lovely ex-bride and her child be homeless? "In there you will find a 30 days prepaid receipt for a motel room, plus voucher for meals at their restaurant. "That is where all the crack whores, druggies and losers hang out." "And how do you know all druggies hang out there EJ? When EJ did not answer, I addressed Dawn pointing at the brochure. I took out a big loan for this day." I answered, not moving as she gave me 'that look'. Every raise, every promotion, any advancement I ever made, you and your legal toy dragged me into court so that prick Judge Reynolds could increase my maintenance, or fee, or some other bullshit cost.

"Judge Reynolds was made to retire from the family court bench two months ago. Also your attorney seems to have his hands full these days trying to keep his license. " Dawn began rifling through the paperwork as I hung the FOR SALE sign on the pole. It is not.." After making sure the FOR SALE sign was level I turned toward Dawn. You mean like a decade ago when you fucked around on me? " "I am only a few credits away." Dawn said defensively. "And for your information, I also was enrolled in Health Fitness, Interior Design, Political Science and Dance." Dawn shook the papers at me again. A young driver like yourself, with your driving record would not stand a chance. I have overstepped my boundaries in dictating what you should drive.

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Even clad in a housecoat, with no make-up and 'bed hair', this middle aged female still looked good, and you could tell she had been quite the looker in her younger time. "Besides it is my house, and today is the big day." Dawn got that look in her eye. It was my Mustang, I paid the bank note, insurance, registration and tags. The officer is here to oversee the eviction notice." Dawn snapped her fingers. "Let's not concern ourselves about that prick Judge Reynolds anymore.

She peered at me, squinting to compensate for her missing glasses, which for vanity reason, I knew she rarely wore unless absolutely necessary. " She said pulling the housecoat tighter across her midsection, stepping off the porch I had built by hand. "Well, we will see what my attorney and Judge Reynolds has to say about that." I shook the pole, making sure it was secure before answering Dawn. If we want something from you we'll send you a bill." Dropping my arms and displaying an exaggerated dismayed expression, I pointed at the driveway. Today you are 21, so no need for any Daddy help anymore. I am more concerned with another prick right now." I stepped back out of Dawns grasp just as college age guy stumbled out the door onto the porch with only a towel wrapped around his waist. Ya know, cause a bunch of assholes are taking all the crap." I couldn't help but smile. Wish me luck." I waved to Dawn as I headed toward the car.

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