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The survey also shows that unrestricted immigration is the first- or second-most serious problem a large number of Europeans face.In Britain, a poll called the "Searchlight Fear and Hope Survey" shows that huge numbers of Britons would support an anti-immigration English nationalist party if it were not associated with violence and fascist imagery.The poll, conducted by London-based Populus, also shows that more than 50% of Britons agree with the proposition that "Muslims create problems in the UK." In France, an Ifop poll published by the center-left Le Monde newspaper shows that 42% of French citizens consider the presence of a Muslim community in their country to be "a threat" to their national identity.Moreover, 68% of French say Muslims are "not well integrated in society." Out of these, 61% of the French blame this failure on the "refusal" by Muslims to integrate.Another pan-European survey, the "Guardian Euro Poll," shows that concern about Muslim immigration is widespread and not just limited to the political far right.The poll shows that although 62% of Europeans view themselves as "liberal" rather than "traditional" on social issues, pluralities in the four biggest countries (Britain, France, Germany and Spain) are opposed to immigration from outside the European Union.

In efforts to fight the soaring crime rates, Internal Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch will on Sunday present ministers with a perennial plan to improve personal and community security within the Arab sector.

Mainstream voters across the entire political spectrum are now expressing concerns about the role of Islam in Europe.

The "Global Views on Immigration" survey was conducted by the London-based Ipsos global research firm and published on August 4.

The data also revealed that Arabs were involved in 38% of aggravated assault cases as well as 36% of robbery cases and 52% of arson incidents.

Nevertheless, the crime rates referring to the Arab sector have remained at a steady rate for years.

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