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I have heard this song many times but it did not connect. On Monday,30 March 2009, I heard this song again when I was driving home at night and the lyrics connected with my soul.

Arul thank you for the beautiful moments we had and being with us. Thank you Eric Clapton for sharing your Tears in Heaven. I felt the loss of your son and lost of your Self.- Sukumaran; Singaporeto me this song represents everybodys pain of losing somone like with me i lost my great grandpa and it really got me but this song help me to end the pain now when ever i listen to this song i get all the way up to crying but just only have 1 or 2 tears and thats saying something because im only 13 years old My grandpa died of cancer in July of '08 which hurt me because my birthday is July 4th and he died pretty much two weeks after my 18th birthday.

it makes me think of my great grandpa, he passed about a month ago, and my little cousin melanie that dies when she was only one year old, of cancer.

i cant really remember melanie because we were the same age though.

i hope everyone feels the same way as i do when they listen to this song.

I am 15 year old girl I lost my father when i was 9 years old he was murdered and when i heard this song it made me think of him because even though my parents weren't together i was a huge Daddy's girl and i still am This song makes me wonder what heaven is like and if my daddy remembers me I miss my father so much Then when i was 13 I lost my Aunt whom i was very very very close t.

This song makes me think of them and how their lives where cut tragically short.

Listen to it with this in mind, and you might agree with makes me cry a little reading these is such a sad and beautiful song.

I remember so wel because my son was the same age and I was able to easily put myself in Clapton's position and could feel the absolute horror and desolation that Eric must have been feeling.

I could only marval at the strenth and courage shown by Clapton through the whole ordeal. thank God he had his vast talent to draw on during this period, he was able to help so many other people who'er not as strong as Clapton.

When I read the story of Eric Clapton's son, then I really knew. He lived a detached life from his family, relatives and friends.

Thank you Eric for this piece of you that you have allowed us to share. He felt that he was born before his time and became one with nature on Sunday,1 March 2009.

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