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The Role-Ending Misdemeanor occurs when, due to objectionable behavior or even outright criminal misconduct in the personal life of a performer or creator (and despite the trope name, some of these role enders are straight-up felonies), he or she is fired in order to protect a project's reputation, or in the case of an independent performer or creator, forced to leave the public scene because of the damage to his or her image.

If he or she is too integral to the show's foundation, it could end the project altogether.

In some cases this is done as a desperate gambit to force the rejected star into getting help for a booze or drugs problem. But if he or she gets his or her act together, it's not unheard of for a person like him or her to make a return appearance somewhere down the line.

In other cases, he or she may actually be innocent of any wrong-doings and his or her name has unfortunately become associated with bad press.

Priests have an uncanny way of making us unafraid of the things that scare us, and they help us face our fears with optimism and a greater resolve.

Priests instinctively feel compassion for others, and this compassion can sometimes be seen as a loving light that seems to radiate from their faces.

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