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They want to be a stylist, but also have a collection, be an art director. Then I started covering fashion, and that’s when they were interested. It’s over-saturated, which is exciting but probably overwhelming. Back then, you could take time to do things and hang out. I would go up there and sit in the kitchen, and I never felt like I had to be anywhere else. Maybe if I left New York I would find it among other types of people. Joe was able to maintain that until the end of his life. Poor Joe had emphysema, but he was like, “Okay, let’s do that! Joe did a lot of drawings on the spot and then he allegedly revised some, but I don’t think he did that much revision. Joe wanted to do a book, and I think he was resistant about working with other people to do it.People that are in their twenties today don’t think, ‘I want to sit in the front row until I’m 80.’ They don’t want to do that. They can do many different things, and Joe believed in that. AD: We have so many readers who care about writing too. He never was affected by commerce.…You know, I remember taking him to the racetrack, to Belmont, for a story. ” Joe and I just schlepped around the back of the track. What did he on the spot was as good as it was going to get. I think we captured the essence of him, or captured what was important to capture. Fashion’s terrible about that: packaging things, cleaning them up, the person’s real personality is gone. I think a book like this, with its warts and all — he wasn’t perfect, he did some bad things, the loudmouth moments, the Saint Laurent moment, the drugs, the fact that he was hiding money in the backyard in a paper bag…Throughout my research, I spoke to soldiers, actresses, fishermen, techies, accountants, artists — everyone had a story to share about a relationship that went wrong because they got bored.People told me about relationship doubts, break-ups, stagnant sex lives, and affairs.

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Then we went into the kitchen, which was like as big as that bar over there [], maybe smaller. I thought it was so true, because she said, “I move all the time.”To me, he captured the person that I think I am. But most of the time he was right, because he was so contemporary. I think it’s easier if you don’t judge it too much or feel too sentimental about it. I applied to 75 newspapers when I got out of graduate school.

“What makes Eula such a difficult figure to grasp in the fashion and cultural scene of the past seventy-five years,” wrote the book’s author, Cathy Hoyrn, “is that he sticks out like a sore thumb, and yet in another sense, he seems nowhere to be found.”She notes that despite all he produced, Eula is rarely mentioned among the list of such regarded fashion illustrators as Eric (Carl Erickson), René Bouché, and Antonio Lopez. CH: He did have a way with people, whether he drew their portrait or not. He wasn’t one of the grand people, although he could have an attitude like that, obviously. Lizzette was a classic example of love at first sight, and they stayed friends until the end of his life. The photos [in the book] showed only 1/10th of the place.

When Horyn was asked to write about Joe Eula’s career to accompany an archival collection of his work, she knew that to a different generation — those under the age of 45 — Joe Eula was going to feel new.“His career,” she told me during an interview in October, “what he was doing then is what people want to do now: a little bit of everything. Look at it, but say, “Eh.” I remember for a while, everyone was beginning interviews with, “Last Wednesday…” and I remember thinking, I think it’s good to stand your ground. Snark will kill you, and irony will kill you unless you’re really good at it. When I first started, my father used to say — just as an exercise — try to reduce the length of your copy by 50%. He’d have fresh flowers, and this fireplace he designed like something out of Italy.

One of the first things I learned was that there’s no question that boredom is an epidemic.

You don’t have to be one of the Real Housewives or a philandering Louis XIV to feel like things have gotten dull with your partner.

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