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Directed, co-written and co-produced by Jeremy Kagan (The Chosen, The Journey of Natty Gann), Shot stars Noah Wyle, Jorge Lendeborg Jr.and Sharon Leal as a trio who constitute - as the films enticing tagline has it - three lives changed forever by one bullet.Perhaps because the four gospels dont give us a lot of details, it gives creative playwrights such as Waukesha Civics Doug Jarecki a lot of latitude in their recounting of events on that historic night.Its May 1940 and Winston Churchill has just berated a young secretary on her first day of work.Having watched an enticing movie trailer, read an impressive resume of the movies writer-director, once seen an excellent one-woman play starring legendary Julie Harris as The Belle of Amherst and developed over the years a great respect for that belle In the fifth installment of the movie series stemming from a Disneyland ride, unsavory Salazar and fellow escapees from the Devils Triangle - ghost sailors - aim to liquidate Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp), captain of the appropriately named Dying Gull, and Sparrows fellow pirates. A teacher friend used to veto certain student-proposed term paper topics, reasoning that in his long career hed already encountered every possible argument both for and against, say, capital punishment.For Midwesterners, summer means more sun, more leisure time - and more movie debuts. Gifted refers to 10-year-old Mckenna Graces character, Mary, in the new dramedy directed by Marc Webb from a Tom Flynn script.Australian director Michael Graceys feature film debut, The Greatest Showman, isnt as good as last years La La Land, but the new musical does have songs by La La Oscar winners Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, and Im calling it a solid three-star flick.MILWAUKEE - This is not your standard Christmas fare nor the traditional account of the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, to be sure.

Once again, lets mark Turkey Day by revisiting what may be the biggest movie turkeys of 2016.

Following are 20 films scheduled for release between Memorial Day weekend (in one case, the Thursday preceding that weekend) and mid-August. That word could be applied to the diminutive actress as well, for Grace definitely steals the show with perhaps the best performance by a preteen Ive seen as a movie reviewer.

That was really fresh, I heard a guy say in a theater lobby the other night.

What follows is an enumeration of 10 things I like - about writer-director Martin Mc Donaghs new dramedy Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri: Publicists for The Killing of a Sacred Deer as is their job have colorfully exaggerated, calling the movie a sensational thriller brimming with unsettling humor and creeping dread, steeped in Greek tragedy, existential horror, Hitchcockian psychodrama and riveting suspense. Maybe thats why I liked The Florida Project so much. A kids movie, regularly referencing the stars and moon. A documentary considering the connection between rodents and the city of Baltimore.

Writer-director Sean Bakers film offers a rather jaded perspective on the amusement mecca. Shot might be the shortest-titled movie of 2017, but that isnt its only distinction.

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