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At my care center, we took 16 single-occupancy rooms, and set it up for 30 patients and their families (double-occupancy for all but 2 rooms). Rooms were set up with portable hospital beds and sheet curtains as dividers.To maximize safety and comfort, we organized patients based on the criteria below.For one patient, this was untenable, as he preferred a temperature in the 80s Fahrenheit.Unfortunately, we initially roomed him with a patient who preferred a temperature in the 60s.This consideration often overlapped with acuity and prognosis, as existing patients had been admitted for management of symptoms or terminal care.

Our rooms were designed as single occupancy, and each had a single oxygen outlet.General Criteria for Rooming (Determined most room assignments) Gender: The initial criterion was the most straightforward.We assumed that rooms should be single-gender for patient comfort.Temperature and air flow: One reason to room oxygen-dependent patients together was temperature and air control—COPD patients usually prefer a cool room with high air flow.Throughout the building, we turned down the thermostats to cool the building in anticipation of loss of power and air conditioning (which is not on generator backup), but it is best to match environmental preferences.

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