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If such license is suspended, the license and all evidence thereof shall be surrendered by the licensee, and shall be held by the Board of Supervisors until the final disposition is made of such suspension.

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Each day that a violation of the Jefferson County Code of Ordinances (2010) continues shall constitute a separate and distinct offense and shall be punishable as such. If the bill for those services is not paid within thirty (30) days, the County Attorney shall proceed to obtain payment by all legal means. The first county officer or employee who arrives at the scene of an incident involving hazardous substances, if not a peace officer, shall notify the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department which shall notify the proper state office in the manner established by the state. "Alter" means to change or make different, to modify. "Construct" means to form by assembling parts; build; erect; to create. "County" shall mean above identified County, and its designated representatives. "Extend" means to expand, enlarge, or increase the size of the system. "Install" means to set in position and connect or adjust for use. "Managed Community Sewer" shall consist of Private Sewage Disposal Systems as defined in Iowa Administrative Code 567 Chapter 69, when owned and maintained by County approved Public Entities or other County approved Utility Management Organizations. "Non-Compliant Private Sewage Disposal System" shall include any private sewage disposal system that fails to ensure effective wastewater treatment or is otherwise improperly functioning, or a system that is found not to be in compliance with applicable ordinances and regulations. "Nuisance" means whatever is injurious to health, indecent, or offensive to the senses or an obstacle to the free use of property so as to essentially interfere with the comfortable enjoyment of life or property. Pursuant to the authority granted the Jefferson County Board of Health under Chapter 137 of the 1999 Code of Iowa, the Jefferson County Board of Health will enforce the rules adopted by this ordinance.

Permit warning card are available from the Health Officer, or designated assistant. Water system permits are required by some governmental entities. Any other splits made before that date may still be covered by Iowa Code. The subdivider shall, at their own expense, install, construct and maintain any improvements required by this ordinance. The Administrative Officer shall furnish the County Auditor a copy to be maintained for public viewing. The Administrative Officer and the County Engineer shall examine the plat for compliance with applicable ordinances and standards of the County, shall examine its conformance with the preliminary plat, and shall formulate a report to be given to the Board of Supervisors at the time of the Board's review meeting.

Where such permit is required in addition to the county permit, the Health Officer will aid the applicant to expedite the process. The administrative officer shall determine whether a property split triggers the provisions of the Subdivision Ordinance. A minor subdivision occurs where no more than four (4) lots are created in the manner described in Section 3(B) of this ordinance. All lots shall front on and have direct access from an existing public street. In no case shall Jefferson County own, operate or maintain the improvements required in this ordinance. All improvements shall be inspected to ensure compliance with the requirements of the final plat. A statement by the Administrative Officer that all applicable fees have been paid. Pursuant to Iowa code Section 354.10; approval or denial of the subdivision plat shall occur within sixty-days (60) from the date of application for final approval. If the plat is found to conform to the applicable ordinances and standards of the County, to substantially conform to the preliminary plat, and if it appears that approval will not be in conflict with the purposes of this ordinance, as set out in Section 1(B) above, the Board of Supervisors may approve the final plat and cause its approval to be entered on the plat. For all subdivisions, a minimum of one half acre is required to be set aside as common open space. The Director, with the assistance of the County Engineer, shall supervise the installation of road identification markers at each road intersection in Jefferson County whereby the provisions of this ordinance apply. Jefferson County E911 Board will provide for every person owning, controlling, occupying, or using any residence situated on premises fronting any public way as provided in Section 4, a permanent marker on such premises indicating the assigned number.

However, if a system fails the Time of Transfer Inspection the one hundred dollar inspection fee will be applied to the cost of the Wastewater Disposal System Installation Permit necessary to replace or repair the failed system. Forty dollars for inspection of any drinking water system or well. Seventy five dollars for testing the effluent from a discharging septic system. Fifty dollars for any well water quality test if not covered by Grants to Counties. Enforcement: The administrative authority shall enforce these rules. The owner, or occupants of such premises shall permit the Health Officer to enter such premises and to make such inspection, and to obtain such samples, at the request of the Health Officer. Such inspection shall be made at any reasonable time and at other times, with the consent of the occupant, or in case of emergency. The provisions of this section shall apply to all premises, property, or building, vacant or occupied. The Health Officer may make as many additional inspections of such premises as are deemed necessary. Said plan of action shall establish a reasonable time for the performance of any action required. Such notice shall contain an outline of remedial action which, if taken, will effect compliance with the provisions of these rules and with regulations adopted pursuant thereto. Each additional day of neglect or failure to comply with such provision, rule or lawful order after notice of violation by the local board shall constitute a separate offense.

Click here 2-20 - Separation of Certain Solid Wastes. Click to open PDF 6-60 - Amendment dated 04-18-16 - Off-Road Utility Vehicles. The fees set herein may be changed by the Board of Health from time to time as deemed necessary by the Board of Health. One hundred dollars for a Wastewater Disposal System Installation Permit which includes an inspection at the time of installation. One hundred dollars for a Time of Transfer Inspection. Whenever the Health Officer has reasonable grounds to believe that a violation of these ruses exist, he may enter upon and make an inspection of such premises, property, building or place to gather necessary information, data, measurements, or necessary specimens for the purpose of laboratory analysis. Be served upon the owner, owners agent, or occupant as the case may require; provided that such notice shall be deemed to be properly served upon such owner, owners agent, or occupant if a copy thereof is served upon him personally; or if a copy thereof is posted in a conspicuous place in or about the premises affected by the notice; or if he or she is served with such notice by any other any method authorized or required under the laws or rules of civil procedure of this state. Include a statement of the reasons why it is being issued. Allow 2 weeks for the applicant to develop, with the Sanitarian, a plan of action to remedy the violation. A permit to own or operate, or manage, a disposal system may be suspended, if, upon inspection, the Health Officer considers the conditions are such as to warrant immediate closing of the disposal system until the provisions of these rules are met, and the owner, operator and/or manager shall be notified to prohibit any person from using the disposal system. A suspension of permit shall remain in effect until the violation has been corrected to the satisfaction of the Health Officer, and any cost of such correction, including, but not limited to, field work, laboratory work, consulting fees and legal fees shall be borne by the applicant for such reinstatement of such permit. When the Health Officer believes the owner, operator, and/or manager has met the provisions of these rules, he may, in writing, authorize the use of the disposal system again. Before a permit is revoked, the Health Officer shall give notice as outlined in SECTION 10 above. Appeal from any order of the Board of Health may be taken within twenty (20) days to the District Court of Jefferson County. Penalty: Any person who violates any provisions of this ordinance, rules of the administrative authority, or Iowa Administrative Code 567-39, 567-49, or 567-69 or the rules of the local Board of Health or any lawful order of said board, its officers, or authorized agents shall be guilty of a simple misdemeanor and shall be subject to any and all penalties described in Jefferson County Home Rule Ordinance 1-20.

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