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There followed a particularly severe spanking which left the teenager in floods of tears begging the lifeguard, who looked about eighteen-years-old herself, to stop but she didn’t for a long time.The next time Vera came to the beach she waited for a lifeguard to catch another girl out and followed them and others in to the changing room to watch another spanking.It was good fun, she thought, at least for everyone other than the poor girl who was on the receiving end of the spanking.So far Vera had watched three girls being spanked and not one was older than twenty-years-old which led her to believe that only the youngsters were ever spanked.Vera knew several of the mums and the feeling of embarrassment increased by the second.Vera was wearing a skimpy black bikini more suitable for one of the teenagers but she thought she was being clever dressing like a teenager as they were the majority age group on the beach and the three girls and most of the other teenagers were wearing particularly skimpy bikinis as well as most of the mums as that was the fashion.“Get across my lap,” the lifeguard ordered. As a grandma of sixty-five she never expected to be questioned or even stopped.Vera gasped as her ear was gripped and pulled and she was blushing with shame as she had to allow Lindsay to lead her along.

Vera had trooped in to the changing room before now when the same had happened one time she came to the beach and watched happily as the teenage girl had to lower her bikini trunks and bend across the lifeguards’ lap.’Lindsay gave Vera a wearisome look and replied sternly, “No it is not okay as you need to be taught not to break the rules.”Vera looked apprehensively at Lindsay realising that an eighteen-year-old prefect was deciding if she, a sixty-five-year-old grandma, should be disciplined.Of course, as she had walked towards the beach she had told herself that that was laughable, Vera recalled, except it wasn’t, she now told herself. Lindsay looked thoughtful for a few moments before saying decisively, “We need to go to the ladies changing room and deal with this.”Vera scrunched up her face and knowing she couldn’t argue turned towards the changing room entrance.“I need to take you,” Lindsay said loudly and in the time-honoured way grabbed hold of Vera’s ear and yanked her towards the changing room.Lindsay went over to Vera and berated her in front of all of the people sitting on the beach which was very embarrassing for her as Lindsay said sternly, “The rules need to be enforced.”Vera looked worried as she knew that the most likely penalty was a spanking from the lifeguard and she didn’t want that to happen to her and so in an effort to diffuse the situation she looked towards some of the people who had gathered around to listen and called out, “Sorry, everyone.I won’t do it again.” She looked at Lindsay with a look that said, ‘Okay then?

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