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According to Jake Dell, owner of the century-old deli, the sandwich is not hugely popular and is rarely ordered, reports Eater.Hennessy later revealed to his followers that he did not personally order the sandwich.Before World War II, hundreds of small, family-run chili parlors (also known as "chili joints") could be found throughout Texas and other states, particularly those in which émigré Texans had made new homes.Each establishment usually had a claim to some kind of secret recipe.

Chili con carne is a frequent dish for cook-offs and is used as an ingredient in other dishes.In Spanish, the word chile from the Nahuatl "chīlli" refers to a "chili pepper", and carne is Spanish for "meat".A recipe dating back to the 1850s describes dried beef, suet, dried chili peppers and salt, which were pounded together, formed into bricks and left to dry, which could then be boiled in pots on the trail.“Today i learned if you order a 'cheese sandwich' at katz's deli, this is the abomination you are presented with,” wrote J. Hennessay on Twitter alongside a snap of a rather grotesquely overstuffed cheese sandwich.The not-so-tantalising treat appears to be 5 per cent salad, 10 per cent bread and 75 per cent cheese, a unique ratio, to say the least. #cornedbeef #reubensandwich #swisscheese #ryebread #cheese #bread #meat #beef #food #foodie #foodporn #nycfoodie #nycfood #katz #katzs #katzdeli #katzsdeli #katzdelicatessen #katzsdelicatessen #deli #delicatessen #les #nyc #lowereastside A post shared by 🌭Katz's Delicatessen🌭 (@katzsdeli) on “It’s like getting a sandwich with five chicken breasts,” wrote one person on Twitter. I'm developing lactose intolerance just looking at that picture,” added another.

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